S.LOW Workshop – Build your own Jam Box

Fredag 8e april 10.00 – 18.00 (IDKA)
Workshop – Build your own Jam Box with Iain McCurdy & Ricardo Climent
  • Participants will learn about cheap sensors and even how to make their own from everyday objects.
  • Options for interfacing with the computer and software will be discussed.
  • Hardware focus will be on the basic Arduino due to its cheapness but other options will be discussed.
  • Morning session will focus more on presentation and discussion
  • During the afternoon session participants will build their own sensor boxes.
  • Maximum of 8 participants.
  • Sensor types: LDR (light sensor), infra-red distance sensor, ribbon controller, pressure sensor, capacitative touch sensor, mechanical switch (bought), home made mechanical touch switch (momentary). potentiometer (rotary and slider), tilt switches.
  • Kostnad 250 kr per person
photo © S.LOW 

photo © S.LOW