About the Dynamic Documentary Film

Presented by Ricardo Climent
Duration: 42 minutes film - 30 minutes discussion

Synopsis: S.LOW - vip lounges are for ALL is a non-linear non-directed documentary film as a result of the S.LOW Projekt (Berlin). In the summer of 2010, about forty international and national visual artists, music composers working with electronic media, musicologists, performers, engineers, physical scientists and film-makers met in Berlin to discuss the concepts of low and slow in the context of the city. The film explores how art can survive outside the comfort of large institutional support and if as a result, artists can change the rules of engagement with audiences by giving the latter equal importance in the process of sharing and making arts. With an emphasis on people and by documenting 'the things in between' during such project, this audiovisual work allows listeners to navigate through a number of values and concepts such as, trust, believes, authorship, excellence, art-killing rules, dream-cities, time-to-share or being-faithful, as seen by the artists.
web: s.low-low.org