About I.D.K.A - S.LOW Partnership

The S.LOW-IDKA partnership began in summer 2010 with the invitation of Thomas Bjelkeborn and Michael Larsson to Berlin as the opening performers of the S.LOW 2010 Projekt. The collaboration worked so well that Bjelkeborn was invited back for the closing performance of the Festival in August of that year. The association of S.Low and IDKA was furthered in April 2011 with S.LOW artists Ricardo Climent and Iain McCurdy appearing as guest composers at the 2011 Push Festival in Gävle, Sweden. This visit to concluded with a 1 week residency by Climent and McCurdy at the EMS studios in Stockholm and further concerts at the nearby Fylkingen performance space. Also featured during this series of concerts were the performers Frøydis Dahlø (flute) and Karin Hellqvist (violin) The exchange between IDKA and S.Low will continue with a visit by Viktor Eriksson and Thomas Bjelkeborn to Berlin in July 2011 to give a series of performances, film screenings and talks.

Pictured above:
Viktor Eriksson interviewed by Swedish national TV during Push 2011
Thomas Bjelkeborn: International affairs director for Push
and S.LOW artist 2010

Push Festival official poster